Tighearn Broichan maqq Kynat


Province of Southern Shore, Principality of the Mists, Kingdom of the West (moved here fall, 2008 from the Kingdom of Caid)

I began attending SCA events in the spring of 1997, and joined the SCA, fall, 1998

Local and Regional Office:

Tabellarius Electrum, Office of Electronic Communication, Kingdom Officer and Kingdom Deputy Seneschal March, 2001 - June, 2003

Prior to the creation of the new lessor office of Tabellarius Electrum (Office of Electronic Communcation, and Deputy Kingdom Seneschal), these dutires were conducted under the position of Deputy Kingdom Chronicler and Chief Webwright (Kingdom Web Minister) March, 2001 - September, 2002

Courtier to the Retinue of King Edric III and Queen Catalina November 2001 to June 2002.

Courtier to the Retinue of King Gerhart and Queen Una November 2002 to June 2003.

Courtier to the Retinue of King Edric IVand Queen Faizeh INovember 2006 to June 2007.

Queen's Guard of King Edric Vand Queen Faizeh II November 2007 to June 2008.

Marshal in Training (Heavies), May 19, 2000 - December, 2001

Warranted Marshal (Heavies), January, 2002

Great Western War VI staff, Web Site, May-October, 2002

Great Western War VII staff, Web Site, May-June, 2003

Deputy Kingdom Webwright, and Kingdom Internet Service Provider, June, 2003 to 2005


Award of Arms (October 2000)

Order of the Tower of Dreiburgen (September 2001)

Order of the Dolphin (October 2001)

Order of the Illuminated Tower of Dreiburgen for research (March 2002)

Order of the Harp Argent for research (April 2002)

Signum Reginae (June 2002)

Sigilum Regis (June 2002)

Order of the Crescent (October, 2003)

Classes taught:

Who were the Picts?

- lecture presentation at the Pagus Sancti Geronomi winter retreat, January 2001

An introduction to the Picts

- Mons Draconis mini-collegium, February 2001

A View from Pictavia: The Cultural Legacy of the Picts

-Kingdom Collegium, September 2001

-Dreiburgen Yule, December 2001

-Winter 2002 retreat of the Pagus Sancti Geronomi

FIRST CONTACT: Pictish paganism and Christian evangelism in Dark Age Scotland

-Kingdom Collegium, March, 2002

-Summer 2002 retreat of the Pagus Sancti Geronomi

SCA Web Sites

Caid Web, the official website of the Kingdom of Caid

I was the web minister and overall systems adminstrator for Caid Web, a collection of hundreds of web pages, databases, email discussion lists, and email services which are utilized by the officers and the populace of the Kingdom of Caid.These donated Internet services run on computers that live in my mundane laboratory at the University of California, James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve.

For 2 1/2 years I supervised a group of about 25 volunteer web deputies who assist me when it is possible in all manner of web page design, development and maintenance of the Kingdom web pages, databases and email discussion lists. I also coordinate and deputize web ministers running official Baronial and related geo-political group web sites within the Kingdom to ensure compliance with Kingdom and Society Internet policies. Finally, I also coordinated with the Society level Electronic Publications Office and promote our Kingdom's web precense throughout the Knowne World.

With the assistance of my deputies,we completely re-designed the Kingdom web site from the inside out between March and May, 2001.

I developed a non-commercial web-based email discussion list for the populace of Caid, with over 500 members, and host an additional 16 public and administrative SCA discussion lists

As of June 2003 Coronation I am now a deputy Kingdom Webwright, and serve as the Kingdom Web Internet Service Provider (ISP), hosting the primary Kingdom Web Site, Email Lists, and a large number of Kingdom groups (Baronies, Caontons, Shires, and special interest sites such as Great Western War and the Army of Caid.

Pictavia: Chronicles of a Modern Pict

Pictavia is my personal web site that I use to document my experience within the Society for Creative Anachronism. The site is a journal of my writings, poetry,portrait photographs, photographic gallery from the events I attend, a research bibliography for Pictish and SCA studies, a collection of specialized topics I am undertaking in arts and science fields which aid and document the development of my SCA persona, and finally stuff that is not appropriate or allowed on the Kingdom Web but is nonetheless of interest within the SCA.

Autocratic and Event Steward Activities

Host and Autocract, Saint Corrigan's Feast, Gallavally, September 22-23, 2001

Co-autocrat, Dreiburgen Anniversary, October 27, 2001

assistant to the Autocrat for the Gallavally Anniversary, April 2002

Co-Autocrat with Master Damales, for the Dartmouth School Demo, Canton of Gallavally, May 2002

Host for the following non-official SCA events:

Winter Retreat of the Pagus Sancti Geronomi, January 2001

Summer Retreat of the Pagus Sancti Geronomi, August 2001

Winter Retreat of the Legion War band, December 2001

Winter Retreat of the Pagus Sancti Geronomi, January 2002

Summer Retreat of the Pagus Sancti Geronomi, August 2002

Winter Retreat of the Pagus Sancti Geronomi, January 2003

Summer Retreat of the Pagus Sancti Geronomi, August 2003

Writings, poetry, photography, and self-published documents

The Crowns of Caid, a Pictorial Essay. A photographic essay documenting the building and presentation of the newest regalia, and including portrait photographs of TRM Alaric and Kissa

The Quest for Tablero: Musings of a Newcomer. Originally published on Caid Web, and recently moved to my personal web site. It was read by more than 5,000 unique internet visitors (based on web logs for unique computer IP addresses). I received a lot of fan mail about this piece, including kudos from the then reigning Royals and Officers of the Kingdom of An Tir.

The Library of Pictavia, My personal Pictish library (in dire need of updating this bibliography)

Photographic gallery of recent SCA events. I attempt to document most of the events I attend via digital photography. Although I began doing this for my own purposes, the galleries have become incredibly popular with the populace both within and outside of Caid. I have received a great many positive personal comments and encouragement. Two of my photographs have appeared as the cover hpotograph for The Medieval Times, Vol. 2 No. 15: February 7, XXXV andVol. 3 No. 21: October 10, XXXVI

Portraits and Poetry:

I want to Build, November 17, 2001

A Yellow Yellow Rose, February 2, 2002

Orion's Sword, September, 2003


Events attended