Chronicles of a Modern Pict


Orion's Sword

Fire and ice
Quake and storm,
These chains ensnare
A heart of gold

Upon northern peaks
A huntress waits
Her golden sword key
To an uncertain escape

As bonds compress,
To slow heart's beat
A spirit searches
For wild Artemis

In chivalry
The Knight must wait
To break the bonds
That hold his fate

A favor she bears
For this heart of gold
Perchance to wield
Orion's sword

A storm approaches
in darkness pall
Will his heart be frozen
Or will his chains fall

She calls the moon
with glinting sword
a reply...tis time to choose
To fight or fall

The Trickster leaps
Her voice is strong
I will save this heart
For in this deed I long

Through word and act
And passion strong
She raises her sword
To right the wrong

Once, twice, thrice
The chains will not yield
Yet her force persists
In warrior's zeal

At heart's last beat
He calls forth his strength
Together, their love
In spiritual embrace

They smite the chains
And melt the ice
In Phoenix fire
Their hearts unite


Broichan maqq Kynat, 2003


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