Chronicles of a Modern Pict

I sit here, writing under a gracious old oak, and I realize that it was almost one year ago wherein I began a search that has led me to this entirely remarkable the extinct culture of the Picts! I at last realize, after 46 years, that the roots of my Pictish exploration has been a path I've been wandering since I was a young boy.

And who were the Picts...ah, the near naked, woad-tatooed, barbarians of ancient Scotland you say... aye, you may be a wee bit correct. But what I have learned thus far is that as a people they were a high culture, not only politically, artistically, and scientifically, but spiritually. Perhaps the only 'primitive' characteristic we might attribute to the Picts was their lack of an alphabet, and a history recorded in an easily translated language. We are, however, left with a rich legacy of symbology, carved in stone and metal, iconically depicting our natural world with stylized animals, geometric objects, and a variety of representations for the cosmos. Little is known of these proud and creative people, but through their stone work, and artistry, we can surmise that they were a people living very close to nature, strong of will and defense of their culture and lands.

Personally, I can very much relate to them...I am close to nature every day, both as a scientist and in my spiritual beliefs. It is my vocation to guard a small piece of land from the ravages and changes of uncontrolled "progress" in order that scientists and society will have a place to examine what nature might have been before modern civilization and its inexorable expansion changes it forever. I also consider myself an Earth Warrior, an environmental advocate for slowing down anthropogenic destruction to our planet.

My chronicles, and the topics explored on these web pages, are my way to collate the bits and pieces of a life's story that have led me to where I am today, not just a modern-day Pict enjoying the Society of Creative Anachronism, but a man searching for his roots and learning to re-open his eyes. I share these bits with you in case there are like minded souls doing their own searching, and if what I have found will be of assistance to you.


Broichan maqq Kynat

Samhain Eve, 2000 (A.S. XXXIV)


Table of Contents 


Pictish naming possibilities

Oh Gentle Pan

Lilies, Lizards and a musky Mule Deer

Come by the Hills


A Druid Prayer

Solar Flies and Sunflowers

The Quest for Tablero

The Cultural Legacy of the Picts

(powerpoint slide show)

First Contact: Pictish Paganism and Christian Evangelism in Dark Age Scotland

(powerpoint slide show)

Orion's Sword


and more to come...


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