I want to build

I want to build a Kingdom.

I cannot do it alone.

There is a King that needs

Sit upon this Mighty Throne

A King by this Queen doth sit.

And together rule the realm of Pict.


Empowered must be

This man who would be King.

Empowered by the forces

That would be the subject of his rule.

So that he who governs

and those who are lead,

May in mutual service be,

It could be said.


Sourced must be

This man who would be king

From the center of the Earth

To the heights of the heavens.


And, contained must be,

He who would be king.

Contained, yet permeable, With the boundary

Of each and every life

That enlivens the realm.

That with penetration into living fabric

He might know his own Nature

And the Canticles of Ecstasy.


The creator forces in me

Doth employ

A man of this Joy

To be King

At my side

To sing

In harmony

A life into being.

An empire stirred

From embryo


Oh, but built upon the Ground

Of Certainty "We know"

A Temple only to be found

In the books of our childhood, perhaps...


And somehow found today.

And newly set upon sacred ground

Known to each:

The man and the woman

As Prince and Princess

As King and Queen

Join to live a Dream

And Build!


Tighearna Broichan maqq Kynat

presented at the Coronation of

Edric III and Catalina

November 17, A.S. XXXVI