Gallavally Anniversary

April 28, A.S. XXXV

From time to time, I find myself experiencing an event that stands out as exemplary in the feeling it evokes of the authentic SCA community -- to completely forget the mundane and lose oneself in period, timelessness, deeply relaxing, joyful friendships, the proverbial extended family. With this event, I celebrate the first day of my second year in the SCA, and the profound sense of finding myself exactly where I want to be. The following images were passed on to me by Lord Steffan the Scrivener, and Kevin Browne (my camera was in Scotland at the time). Come share our day...

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before opening court

THLBeorn of the Northern Sea, autocrat and auctioneer

I have $20...

lovely lassies a helm hunting!

"lets put our money together and bid on THAT one..."

Heraldic Hugs


Agnarr Koengrson

artist, fighter, PICT!

'10-speed tire' shield inspection


...for honor and chivalry,


Sir Dante and Lord Taliesin


Dirk and Taliesin


Lady Elana


more lovely lassies


Agnarr and Lanky


Baroness Luighseach


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