Festival of the Rose

February 3, 2001

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Images taken by Broichan

Her Majesty Ciar Lasse MacGregor, Lady Rhiannon MacPherson, and Master Riordan MacGregor


Her Majesty, Master Madawc ap Caradawc, and Her Excellency Morann Will Owen

Master Madawc, Her Majesty, Master Riordan, Baroness Morann

Master Riordan, Her Majestry, Lord Gideon ben Levi, Baroness Morann, Lady Autumn (sp?), Mistress Aliskye MacKyven
Raizel, and wearing the veil is Mistress
Eowyn Amberdrake

Hrorek Halfdan of Falconwood, Mistress Eilidh na Tire Dharigh, Lord Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux, Master James of the Lake, THLady Katherine of Anglesey, and to right of Jared is Countess Leonora Morgana

Baron Jonas Aquilian

Count Guillaume de Belgique, and to his left is Lady Cristeane Regan MacNab

Master Giles Hill of Sweetwater and Baron Dietrich von Vogelsang

To the far left (head cut off) is Conde Cristian del Leon Rampante


The Gentlemen Pensioners

Lord Gideon ben Levi and Don Kelan McBride of Arainn

The Gentlemen Pensioners

Master Tuvor Sabledrake, (behind the pole is Gabriel
Shadewehauke), and Dietrich von Vogelsang


The Queens Guard

THLord Conan MacPherson

From top left, Lady Cristal Fleur de la Mer (event autocrat), Lady Morgaine FitzStephen (standing), Lady Bedhinn de la Coulter (kneeling) and in the chair Baron Robert of Cedarwood



In the back, THLady Katherine of Anglesey, Baroness Arianwen
Megan McBride of Arainn, and Lord Robert Brigantia.

In the front, Countess Leonora Morgana, Sir Basil von Köln

Master Madawc, THL Philip
Williams of Aston, Joeseph of Silver Oak, Dietrich von Vogelsang, THL Marcel Longueville, and Dietmar Reinhart von Straubing


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