Dreiburgen Summer Arts and Sciences

July 21, A.S. XXXVI

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Master Damales makes iron (and a knife from a skystone)

His Lordship Malcolm's Kingdom Officer medallions

Her Ladyship Miriam's lapidary magic

My favourite entry...meads, cordials and ales

Lord Darius's Baronial guarding

Baron Liam's shoes

Baron Liam's scabards

presentation scrolls given by Their Excellencies Liam and Luighseach to TRM of Kingdom Regalia of chains of office crafted by THL Malcolm Alberic

Lord Colin's wondrous artistry

more of Lord Colin's artistry

a great chair

Lady Christina and friends

Lord Ulfblod's mythical creations

Lady Douceline de la Hay's bowl

Lord RogerWells the Dragon's Bane's Viking bed in progress

Lord Donal teaching his chain maile class

Lord Donal's tools

Ladies' Douceline and Ingrid

Baron Aldred's marshals class

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photographs by Tighearna Broichan maqq Kynat


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