The Grand Bazaar

12th Night, Calafia

January 6th, 2001

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Images taken by Broichan

At Court

King Ivan and Queen CiarLasse and their Court

Middle Eastern Dancers

Elizabeta Cornell, upper left with gold trim


Lord Donal O'Brien

(his images are on the next 3 pages)

Harpist (?)

Lady Ingrid Gerdesdotter


THL Thomas Bordeaux with guitar, Master Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme to his left

Lord Njall Olaf Hagarson redies his trebuchet

THL Quinn Phelan watches at his side

Lord Njall Olaf Hagarson adjusts his trebuchet

...lettting it fly!

Lady Liadan of Seahaven readying her catapult 

THL Quinn Phelan's winning Ballista

Lord Jim Bear on the extreme right

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