Design and construction of an historically accurate Pictish Encampment


The following images and links represent background information that I am using in my research for a Pictish encampment. Once I gather sufficient ideas I will reorganize this page and document my final designs.

The first set of images are of the Butser Farm, in southern England, where a reconstruction of early period iron age dwellings have been built for scientific and educational purposes. Conical yurt-like structures are common to many early cultures owing to their simple yet strong design.

Ulfblood, friend in our barony has developed a tent design that follows a round house concept. His design is based upon an early period archaeological dig in Ireland.

My first tent is a Baker-style modified lean-to tent. I chose this because of its simple design, and the fact that it can be constructed with minimum of sewing.

After studying Ulf's design and additional designs of habitations described as period for the Picts, I designed my first version of a "yurt-like" Pictish Round House tent



Iron Age Round House Reconstruction at Butser Farm, England







Design for an early period Irish tent developed by Ulfblood





Baker Tent





Pictish Round House Tent






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